Why you need to optimise your mobile marketing strategy

28th February 2018

An optimised mobile strategy should not be forgotten in your overall hotel digital marketing plan.

Mobile phones are a major part of our daily life; from browsing social media to actively researching information and booking our travels, people are rarely without their phone so having a strong presence on mobile is vital for your hotel. Do you want to stand out from your competition and turn more visitors into paying guests? With increasing customer expectation that requires a fast and easy to use mobile website, the only way to ensure success is to highly optimise your mobile strategy.

The team of marketing experts at M&T Hotel Management are reviewing several crucial reasons why your mobile strategy needs to be on point.


To meet your consumers’ expectations for a responsive and fast website

Consumer behaviour is evolving. According to Comscore UKOM Digital Market Overview December 2017, 64% of online adults use multiple platforms to go online during their customer journey. With such a high percentage of engagement, it is crucial for your website to be responsive. If it is able to adapt well to whichever device it is shown on (desktop, mobile, tablet), then you are sure to have positive customer interaction.

Further to the previous point, online experience needs to be smooth independently of the platform used; this way the user can easily identify and recognise your brand and products. According to the above Comscore report, mobile visits last on average 7.1 minutes compared to 28.1 minutes on desktop, proving that the attention span of online visitors using their smartphone to browse, research or book is relatively short. To respond to this demand, your mobile website needs to be fast and easy to use.

To facilitate the user experience of your online visitors

The necessity of an effortless user experience has been a popular talking point for the past few years. Making sure that your mobile website is easy to use, navigate and book from is key. Being able to find out information quickly is also another important aspect for mobile users – as we have previously mentioned, the time they spend on mobile is much lower than on a desktop.

Factors to consider include making sure that call-to-action buttons are highly visible and clickable, that the navigation menu is easily accessible even for the smallest of smartphones, that any information is visually appealing from a vertical scrolling perspective and that the site showcases images.

To have a greater impact on your online marketing activity

It is important to send well-designed, easy to read and image-led newsletters with captivating titles. According to MovableInk Consumer Device Preference Report: Q3 2016, 69% of opened email newsletters in the travel and hospitality industry were on mobile (including smartphones and tablets) compared to just 31% on desktop.

It is no secret that some influential social channels are predominantly mobile-oriented (Instagram, Snapchat) and people are spending a large amount of time on them. Ensuring your mobile website and content are accessible, shareable and easy to promote is highly important as it could encourage guests to talk about their experience at the hotel with their network.

You might overlook local ads, but being able to target last-minute travellers is important. Allocating a budget for ads and having a Google My Business listing can make a difference. This listing gives your hotel more chances to appear on the Google search map when people are looking for “hotels near me”.


 “At M&T Hotel Management, we recommend that our hotels offer responsive and easy to use mobile websites. There are many opportunities to attract consumers this way, and our experts keep on top of mobile trends so that our hotels’ mobile sites are always optimised in the best possible way.”

Nicole Feldman, Head of Marketing


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