Hotel Digital Marketing Resolutions for 2018

31st January 2018

Ensuring that your hotel marketing strategy is on point is crucial if you want to start 2018 confidently and efficiently.

This is the time of the year when resolution lists are made and objectives are set for the year ahead. To ensure that your hotel is fully prepared for 2018, the Marketing team here at M&T Hotel Management has come up with three important aspects of hotel marketing that you need to focus on.


Curate Your Optimised Website

Making sure that your website is optimised is only half the battle – you need to make sure that it is also visible on search engines and that you are curating the content that you upload regularly.

Adding new content frequently will boost your pages’ rankings in SERP (Search Engine Result Pages) as the search engines’ robots will crawl your website more often. It’s also best practice to make a habit of walking in your customer’s footsteps; doing so will help keep the customer journey as smooth as possible. Utilising CTA’s (call to action) offers clarity to your pages and will make for easy navigation between pages.

Keep on top of data provided by tools like Google Analytics and you will be able to understand your website’s audience. Compare the results with your actual clientele and you will soon be able to identify new and topical ways to address your leading audience, thus keeping them engaged.


Reinforce Your Mobile Site

2017 saw a high rise in mobile use, not only for guests conducting research but also for processing transactions.

With no signs of slowing down in 2018, it is vital that you make sure that your website has a mobile version to benefit the customer journey. There is nothing more frustrating than a site that will not work on a handheld device; make it a priority for your website to be responsive and adapt well to the size of font, visuals and CTAs to further facilitate the user experience and you will show convenience and consideration to your guests. Go one step further and create a multi-channel navigation between desktop, mobile and tablet so the visitor can switch from one to another without feeling misled or confused.


Strengthen Your Social Media Strategy

Social Media is undoubtedly a key way to engage with your audience and with more channels gaining popularity, 2018 will see this form of communication go from strength to strength.

Produce regular and informative posts and your brand will garner a positive reputation. Diversify your status’ and post types and you will offer a good mixture of sales-related and added-value posts so that guests are not bombarded with cliched content. As always, take the time to interact with your community of followers and you will earn their trust and build relationships. For short-term promotion, use the Stories feature on Instagram and Facebook.



 “When you are working for a hotel, digital marketing is a vital part of your yearly strategy. Making sure that your approach to marketing is multi-channel will allow for a better user experience and garner positive promotion for the hotel. At M&T Hotel Management, we ensure that our hotels are at the top of their game and maximise their visibility online”.

Nicole Feldman, Head of Marketing


Hotels need to maintain a well optimised and updated website to be visible on search engines. Combining efforts via different channels such as websites and social media will certainly give strength to their marketing strategy.

All our team at M&T Hotel Management would like to wish you and your hotel every success for 2018 and a very Happy New Year!

When it comes to your hotel marketing strategy, M&T Hotel Management and its team of experts are on hand to help you. For more information, call us on 020 8905 2500 or contact us directly.