An Insight into the M&T Commercial Foundation

29th September 2017

As one of the largest hotel management companies in the UK, we understand the importance of attracting, developing and retaining high-quality employees.

That is why the M&T Commercial Foundation has been devised, providing an effective and dynamic learning experience for the personal development of on-property commercial leaders.


The course’s seven “off-the-shelf” modules cover yield-oriented subjects such as Powerful Pricing, TRevPAR Know How and Total Revenue Culture; marketing focused topics such as Distribution Management; operational themes around Food & Beverage and strategic areas including Business Planning.


Operations Manager at Ellenborough Park, Louise Armstrong, recently attended our Business Planning module, which identifies the Optimum Business mix and sets attainable goals and actions to achieve it. The training re-introduced Louise to a topic very important to her day-to-day role, and attendees gained a more thorough knowledge of their hotel, clients and products.


According to Louise, one of the strengths of this module was the diversity in the room in terms of experience, everyday roles and the hotels themselves. All attendees could share their own experiences and personal approach, which resulted in an engaging evaluation of the best hotel management practices. In Louise’s words, it was a great course to “question, check and strategize”.


Although the day was strategy-orientated, it was balanced with entertaining moments including a competition to get everyone’s attention. The attendees also took part in an energy quiz mid-afternoon, testing their knowledge and memory of their morning learnings.


“Taking the time to have these conversations and reflect has felt like stopping the clock on a busy hotel world. While the knowledge and skill are all there, to achieve the right outcomes I felt this course helps to provide the opportunity for discussion, probing and questioning”.

(Louise Armstrong, Operations Manager at Ellenborough Park)


M&T Hotel Management is dedicated to team training and development. Our Commercial Foundation is beneficial to all hotel leaders, as it covers a varied range of topics which can be taken individually to suit the training needs of your business.


For more information about the M&T Commercial Foundation, call us on 020 8905 2500 or contact us directly.