How to Successfully Collect and Build Your Hotel’s Guest Database

21st July 2017

Do you want to make sure that your team is collecting your guests’ data at every possible opportunity?

As one of the best hotel management companies in the UK, our marketing team at Michels & Taylor have put together some top-level advice to help ensure an opportunity to collect a guest’s data is never missed.


Within a hotel environment, there are many ways to collect guests’ data throughout each stage of the guest’s stay. This can be via the booking engine, mobile, social media and emails. Here, we explore how proactive hotels’ management and operations teams can ensure that departments gather guests’ data as efficiently as possible.


Firstly, explain clearly to guests the benefits of providing their personal data

Guests are more inclined to give out their personal details if the way the hotel wants to use the information is clearly stated. There are many ways a hotel can declare their intentions: for example, sign up to a newsletter in exchange for a discount or receive personalised emails with offers. The hotel needs to ensure that the goal is clear, explicit and doesn’t lead to confusion and regret. Once guests understand what benefits they will receive after providing their data to your team, the hotel can personalise a guest’s stay as much as possible and ensure an enhanced experience.


Secondly, centralise the data and streamline the guest’s experience

As a hotel, your Property Management System (PMS) plays a vital role for unravelling your marketing strategy. Your PMS includes all your guests’ details, such as their personal information, emails and card details, etc. Because the PMS centralises the data in one single place, all information needs to be entered accurately for it to be useful. If this is done correctly, your team is then able to access this information from either the spa, the restaurant or the bar, which streamlines the guest’s experience by preventing them from repeating personal data. In addition to this, the guest feels valued during their stay and is more likely to return to your hotel based on their trouble-free experience.


Thirdly, invite guests to engage with your hotel via social media

Whether it’s a new cocktail at the bar or a sunny swimming pool snap, your team should encourage guests to engage with the hotel via social media platforms. Whether this is a Facebook post announcing their check-in or a photo of their bedroom, an Instagram post of their dinner dish at the Restaurant or a tweet praising the service they have received, the possibilities are endless. By recommending this, your hotel team can build strong relationships with guests and will be able to engage with them in a more informal way. It also allows your team to be more reactive. With time, guests ultimately become advocates of the hotel by promoting it across different platforms to their own networks.


Fourthly, encourage guests to review/leave feedback for your hotel

Having authorised access to your guests’ personal data (email, phone number, social media) allows your team the opportunity to reach out to guests easily. Whether it’s by email or via Facebook or Twitter, the team can ask for feedback if it hasn’t been provided already. This way, the hotel can remind guests to leave reviews, invite them back to the hotel and start a lasting relationship.


“Collecting guests’ data allows hotels to get a better insight into their customer behaviour and allow them to adapt their communications accordingly. Nowadays, hotels have multiple ways to gather data and need to ensure that they don’t miss any opportunity”. – Nicole Feldman, Head of Marketing at Michels & Taylor


Once you have collected and assembled all your guests’ data, you can analyse and gain a better insight of your guests’ profiles. Ultimately, as hotels, you can adapt your communications and market your products and services more efficiently.


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