How Engagement and Development Can Reduce Notoriously High Staff Turnover in the Hospitality Industry

08th April 2017

Despite the fact that the hospitality industry continues to grow, it still has one of the highest staff turnover rates of any industry. Not only does high staff turnover cost the industry £272m a year, it has a huge impact on the productivity and morale of staff members, not to mention it is a killer of good company culture.

Development and engagement of staff is key to maintaining a happy workforce and ensuring staff stick around for longer. As one of the UK’s leading hotel management companies, we thought we would share three ways to help reduce your staff turnover…

  1. Communication

Strong communication plays a huge part in staff engagement and is vital to keeping staff turnover as low as possible. Communication helps employees feel informed and involved as it gives them a better understanding of how their role contributes to the business’s success as a whole. There are many ways to improve communication, such as daily briefings, Q&A sessions and online platforms, all of which give staff the opportunity to put forward their suggestions, collaborate ideas and ask questions.

Online platforms are also great for improving communication, and although they should not be used to replace face-to-face communication, they are fantastic at bolstering it. For example, an online HR platform is hugely beneficial in the hospitality industry in assisting with organising holiday, rotas and rewards as hospitality staff will often follow different shift patterns and may not be able to speak to their manager face-to-face at short notice.

  1. Support and Development

Lee Biggins, founder and managing director of job site CV-library advised that “an overwhelming 96.4% of hospitality workers would be less likely to leave their current employer if they were offered comprehensive training and development opportunities”.

Training and development leaves staff feeling valued and provides the opportunity for progression within the company. Cross-departmental training is also beneficial as it presents employees with a better appreciation and understanding of their colleagues’ roles, creating a more incorporated and supportive team.

At Michels & Taylor, we have formed engaging training programmes called The M&T Commercial Foundation and The M&T Development Pathway, to attract, develop and retain high-quality employees. The Commercial Foundation allows individuals to become qualified Commercial Managers through a library of “off the shelf” modules, ranging from individual hotel training days to off-property training and WebEx sessions and the Development Pathway supports hotels with the development of their commercial team, from recruitment and personal development plans, to new opportunities and progression.

  1. Continuous Assessment

Engagement is not a “one size fits all” model and each business will have its own way of approaching it. With ever-changing work practices and employee needs, even those organisations who currently have great staff engagement will need to be “engaged in engagement” to make it work. Your staff engagement and development activities will need to be changed over time to ensure you don’t create a norm and lose appeal and interest from employees.


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