How the Experts at Michels & Taylor Will Drive Direct Business into Your Hotel

05th March 2017

There are several successful tactics that the best hotel management companies employ to drive direct business into hotels and we at Michels & Taylor know the ultimate tricks of the trade.

Here is what we will do to help drive direct bookings to your property should you choose to work with us.

Run PPC ads to prevent OTAs taking bookings at final step of buying journey

Research shows customers would rather book direct through the hotel (if they can do so quickly, easily and at the best rate). So, in a digital era where the hare wins the race, it is important the average customer isn’t consumed by the slow and laborious clicking through of hundreds of web pages just to book a stay at a hotel. With Google reporting that travellers spend an average of 55 minutes booking a holiday, bid effectively on well researched search terms to make it easy for your visitors to book online with you as opposed to an OTA.

Carry Out Effective SEO to Climb the Ranks Over OTAs

There is nothing more frustrating than your website being lost in the lower pages of a search engine and SEO is key to avoiding this. We will ensure your website is optimised for relevant search terms and that other websites carry your content, linking back to you properly. We will also provide you with a fast loading, well coded website, along with engaging, optimised regular content to drive your guests straight to your site instead of landing on OTAs.

Employ Email Marketing to Generate Repeat Bookings

Email marketing will help to drive bookings from previous guests, using data collected during stays. Sending emails to strengthen relationships with guests who have already stayed breeds customer loyalty and repeat business. Regular email marketing can also be extremely useful when promoting key events, upcoming offers and news from your hotel, so invest in effective strategies and well executed e-shots to ensure a better ROI.

Utilise Facebook Ads for Custom and Lookalike Audiences

Facebook has the most sophisticated and advanced advertising platform in existence, and with 92% of consumers trusting social media above all other forms of advertising, it is worth investing some time into effective social media marketing. Successful hotel marketing requires your social media, email, SEO and your hotel’s website to be tightly integrated as they have become dependent on one another to generate high quality traffic and increase bookings.

Promote a ‘Book Direct’ Offer on Your Site

Although you may not be able to offer a lower room rate than an OTA, you can entice potential guests with added extras. Offering and promoting luxury spa treatments, a bottle of wine or late checkout on departure when booking direct will encourage guests to book via your website. Highlight current offers and showcase your exclusive extras clearly on your homepage in the form of hero banners, eye-catching imagery and interesting buttons.

A Clear Call to Action is Key

It is crucial to display your CTAs clearly and effectively. Firstly, keep them highly visible, placing them either on the right-hand side of the screen or floating in a prominent place. Secondly, keep the instruction simple. Whether it’s an image or an offer, keep the path to engagement clear and simple for users.

Implement an Easy to Use Booking Engine

Online booking is a necessity for today’s travellers and an easy to use booking engine is key to direct booking success. An effective booking engine should look good and have as few steps as possible to reserve rooms and process payments in one secure and convenient location, and with 35% of all Millennials booking travel from their mobile phones, it is expected that these safe and straightforward bookings are easily optimised for smartphones and tablet devices.

All good hotel management companies know that nothing boosts bookings like a good quality hotel with great service during your guest’s stay. However, these are just some of the additional successful tactics we at Michels & Taylor will use to help drive business direct to your website.
If you would like to find out more about driving direct bookings, call us on +44 (0) 20 8905