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M&T Qualified Commercial Manager

M&T Qualified Commercial Manager

The aim of a QCM is to ensure that we have Qualified Managers with the best business acumen, across our on-property commercial teams. These Managers will be able to coach, develop and empower future Managers under their guidance. The QCM’s are intended to be potential Revenue and Commercial Managers of the future, who we can draw on for short or long term projects – both in their own properties, and within other Hotels – thus building their confidence and knowledge. The goal is to encourage these leaders to stay within M&T for their future development, and of course relentlessly drive our profit conversion.

How do you qualify?

  • Complete all 7 modules
  • Powerful Pricing
  • Distribution Management
  • Business Planning
  • Commercial Leadership
  • TRevPAR Know-How
  • F&B Commercial Management
  • Total Revenue Culture
  • After each module, there will be an assignment, which could be in the form of an action plan. The trainers will then follow up after the modules to review the results and mark the delegates a % mark which will go towards the QCM scores.
  • Once the modules have been completed you will be asked to complete a case study bringing all the elements of the modules learnt into your findings and then present your findings back to a panel.

If the marks from both the assignments and the case study are 85% or above, you will become an M&T QCM and will be put forward for a recognised Hotel qualification.

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