Hotel Management

Michels & Taylor’s Unique Specialist Structure

Michels & Taylor’s experienced operators can expertly manage incumbent staff, strengthen the executive team to enhance performance, and ensure the business operates effectively. With Michels & Taylor you can expect the maximum return on your investment.

Powerful Results That Benefit Your Business

Optimal Revenue Strategy

The most efficient mix of volume, rate, and revenue spend ensures you maximise all revenue channels.

Operational Excellence

Strong leadership that encourages and engages with talented staff leads to delighted customers – and the highest recommendations to others.

Financial Efficiency

Tight controls, effective procurement, benchmarking, targeting and in-depth reviews ensure maximum profit. Michels & Taylor constantly seeks opportunities for capital planning and investment with realistic owner returns.

Powerful Analytics

Using industry leading data analysis tools means your team actually get to see what great performance looks like. Applied to every area of your hotel’s operation, this data helps give the best returns possible.

Commercial Sales

The senior sales team oversee key accounts, leisure, and M&E business across your portfolio. They expertly lead your on-property sales teams and build exposure for your hotels. They also carry out regular hotel review visits and sales audits, and run highly effective internal sales training programmes.


The marketing team co-ordinate a range of services to help hotels delight existing customers and reach new audiences. They oversee your hotel’s online presence, manage the customer database and email communications, and manage external agencies to ensure the best value.


The revenue team lead each hotel’s revenue strategy to ensure they maximise opportunities and provide complete process and procedure compliance. They conduct regular hotel reviews, revenue audits and internal training to help improve the commercial business.

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