Commercial Foundation

Commercial Foundation

The aim is to create a library of commercial ‘off the shelf’ modules that will benefit all on property commercial leaders, and have been designed for team members to choose the module that will benefit the training needs of their business. The modules range from individual Hotel training days to off property combined Hotel training and WebEx sessions to offer further support.

The End Result is a 12-month training calendar which includes the following courses (modules):

  1. Powerful Pricing

 AIM: To evaluate pricing solutions in a positive or negative scenario and then be able to demonstrate sound commercial actions

TARGET AUDIENCE: General Managers, Revenue Managers, Meeting & Events Sales Managers, Meeting & Events Co-ordinators & Hotel Sales Managers

Learn about the core concepts of Revenue Management, understand how to use those skills on a daily basis and how to make more Powerful Pricing decisions. This module shows in a clear way how to use the principles of Revenue Management across all elements of your business. Understand market based pricing using key tools, balance supply and demand, make decisions based on sound knowledge and know how to re-evaluate and grow and develop strategies.

  1. Distribution Management

 AIM: To gain a broad knowledge on the most effective distribution channels for your Hotel and how to make them work for you

TARGET AUDIENCE: Revenue Managers, Hotel Sales Managers, Meeting & Events Managers, Food & Beverage Managers/Ops Managers , Reservations Managers

Understand the ‘5 C’s’ to success, how to get the best out of your OTA suppliers including content management, managing customer feedback, competitor activity and improve conversion. With commission costs a growing concern learn how to decide on your best channel mix and in a measured way use specific tools to ensure you decide on the best OTA’s for your business.

  1. Business Planning

AIM: To identify the Optimum Business mix for any time period, set attainable goals and actions to achieve this, with driving profit as the aim

TARGET AUDIENCE: Revenue Managers, M&E Sales Managers, Sales Managers, General and Deputy Managers

Review internal and external business intelligence and how to use it to make it most effective, learn how to complete a SWOT to strengthen your business decisions, understand your customers then price and position your products to drive revenue. Understand how to build a Commercial Action Plan and using key actions engage your teams in striving to drive the business forward using clear ROI’s.

  1. Commercial Leadership

 AIM: To create and maintain a DNA of top line commercial integrity in all elements of the business, driving TRevPAR and sound business decisions.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Revenue Managers, M&E Sales Managers and all commercial leaders

Understand the art of being an effective Manager, how to get the best out of your team and how to lead productive meetings with the aim to impact and influence key business decisions. Recognise future stars, how is the best way to coach and develop those stars with driving results at the heart of every decision.

  1. TRevPAR Know How

AIM: To have the best tools and practices at your disposal and to be used in line with your business needs

TARGET AUDIENCE: Revenue Managers, M&E Sales Managers and all commercial leaders

Explore all the revenue lines, understand pricing strategies for total revenue capture, measure performance and demonstrate sound forecasting techniques. Using key tools understand Meeting & Event Revenue Management including vigorous diary management, reporting and reviewing.

  1. Food & Beverage Commercial Management

 AIM: To ensure our F&B staff reach out at all customer touch points, driving revenue and TrevPAR

 TARGET AUDIENCE: Revenue Managers, General Ops/Restaurant & Bar Commercial Leaders

Explore the key concepts of revenue management within F&B, understand the key commercial measures and deliver a practical guide to making a difference and driving results. This interactive module is guaranteed to make you think about every day decisions and how we can influence the commercial outcome.

  1. Total Revenue Culture

 AIM: To ensure our teams on property are fully confident in their show rounds, enquiry taking, proposal offering and conversion, building a sales culture to both the sales and front line teams

 TARGET AUDIENCE: Revenue Managers, Meeting & Events teams, Duty Managers, Reservations, F&B & Reception

This module is tailored for each individual Hotel with the trainers on property together with the teams developing a Sales Culture environment. Learn what makes a good sales proposal, how to convert key M&E enquiries and how to deliver first class show rounds. Understand the guest journey from enquiry taking to departure, how we can ensure our guests enjoy their experience and how we can improve sales with each customer touch point.

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